List of Trending Form Builder(backend) 2017

List of all trending Web Form Builders in 2017 and the feature provided by them

Sanketkumar Karve

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It’s quite challenging to find a suitable product as per your need and budget. Recently my client asked me to build a landing page for their new product. This page will create an email list for all beta users. I thought it would be a very easy thing to do but as I went deep into it, I realized all the wheels I’ll have to reinvent. Thing like duplications, validation, spam protection and a lot more. So I went out in search of solutions which will help me do this and I was intrigued by all the options I could find on the web. Here I am sharing some of the insights, so that you may find it useful.

This is the time when you can use Form builders. They are digital web form which you can integrate with your website and send your form to their URL for managing the submission and a lot more that comes in the way.

There are so many promising products in the market but here are the deal breaking features I was looking for:

  • Easy integration of form with the website.
  • Keeping the log of all submission and an interactive dashboard.
  • Spam protection and re-captcha and honeypot to avoid unwanted entries.
  • Auto email responder to send mail to people who have submitted the form.
  • Able to sync data with Gmail, Slack and Salesforce like application(Zapier Integration).
  • Drag and drop feature to create customize form and Embedded HTML feature.

Here are few trending digital form builder:



Formester is my first preference because it is easy to integrate, auto email responder, can sync data with slack and export data in CSV which perfectly suitable for work needs.

Formester’s main advantage are the features like auto-responder, Zapier integration, API support, the ability to export as CSV, a dashboard for analytics, spam protection and a lot more.

All this feature are provided at affordable pricing. You can visit pricing at Formester Pricing. Free trial provides 100 each month which no other service does. A monthly subscription provides unlimited submissions. Their support is the best. They helped me set up the form and tried to constantly take feedback and improve the app. Their customer centric nature allows the user to drive what feature they will build, which is so cool! For annual or commercial subscription, Formester also provides custom feature as per customer needs.



Wufoo provides drag and drop feature to create a form, integrating payment system with form and security measure like captcha. Wufoo can handle multiple emails and data related to credit card payment. This data can be emailed or exported as CSV file to your email. Wufoo also provides sample template to which you can use to save time. Wufoo is great form builder but it seems to be costly for multiple submission. You can check the pricing at Wufoo Pricing. Wufoo provide only 500 submissions for monthly subscription.



Like Wufoo, Jotform provides template to create form and integration of data with multiple application. Jotform provide Integration of payment system with forms. You can find pricing for Jotform at this link . 1000 submission for a monthly subscription.



FormKeep has simple integration of form and provides the features like Zapier Integration, access submissions directly with API, Auto Responses, Spam Filtering and CSV exporting. FormKeep provides up to 10 forms with unlimited submission for 59$/month which seems to be costly if you have one or two forms. Check out other pricing plan at FormKeep Pricing

Formspree is easy to integrate with website. You have to just send your form to their URL and they will mail you for every submission. Formspree is free for 1000 submissions per email each month and you can get access to formspree golden offer at 9.99$ which includes the feature like invisible email to hide from spambots, unlimited form submission, autoconfirmed forms and much more. Formspree can export submission using CSV or JSON but it’s difficult to integrate with other application. I have also faced the problem with email verification on their free plan.



FormBucket provides basic form creation along with the features like mail autoresponder spam protection and notification of submission. Pricing is low i.e., 7$/month for unlimited submission but features are limited. FormBucket is easy to use for single forms but difficult to handle multiple forms for single submission.

There are multiple form builders in the market but above are few of my recommendation if you want to try them out. Do let me know about experience trying each of them out! Thanks for reading.

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