How to use Formester and set up form on your website

Guide on use of Formester and setting up forms on your website

Sanketkumar Karve

2 minute read

It is difficult to integrate and maintain data on backend using programming languages like PHP and Javascript, and we all agree to that. There is always something more which we need and don’t have time to build. This is the right time to make a call and use a managed service, which will do all of this for us at a very minimal charge. Form Builders are the easiest way to deal with such issues to save time and help us focus on more important things. The bonus, we don’t need any programming experience either.

Formester is a great form backend/builder application which help user to create web form easily. It is the most affordable and easy to use solution to add forms to any site including static as well as dynamic sites . It includes features like auto-responder, Zapier integration, API support, the ability to export as CSV, a dashboard for analytics, spam protection and a lot more.

Let’s get over with this in under 2 minutes, it’s faster than making a maggie.

If you had never used Formester before then you have to sign up to account.
As you login you can see default form you can either edit the form or click on New Form in navigation bar.
Give name to the form.
In setup tab you will get KEY.

For new form you can insert this code :

<form accept-charset='UTF-8' action='[KEY]/submissions' method='POST'>
    <label for="email-address">Email Address</label>
    <input type="email" id="email-address" name="email">
    <button type="submit">Submit</button>

If you have existing form then just update form tag by adding action URL

<form accept-charset='UTF-8' action='[KEY]/submissions' method='POST'>

Replace the [KEY] with your key

Now you have successfully integrate formester and if you want to check if it’s working then make test submissions. You can check your submission on dashboard. Best thing about formester is the preview for sample submission to see user how it submission on dashboard will look.


In email setting you can enter email to which all submission will be sent automatically.

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