How to use Formester and set up form on your website

Guide on use of Formester and setting up forms on your website

Sanketkumar Karve

2 minute read

It is difficult to integrate and maintain data on backend using programming languages like PHP and Javascript, and we all agree to that. There is always something more which we need and don’t have time to build. This is the right time to make a call and use a managed service, which will do all of this for us at a very minimal charge. Form Builders are the easiest way to deal with such issues to save time and help us focus on more important things. The bonus, we don’t need any programming…

List of Trending Form Builder(backend) 2017

List of all trending Web Form Builders in 2017 and the feature provided by them

Sanketkumar Karve

4 minute read

It’s quite challenging to find a suitable product as per your need and budget. Recently my client asked me to build a landing page for their new product. This page will create an email list for all beta users. I thought it would be a very easy thing to do but as I went deep into it, I realized all the wheels I’ll have to reinvent. Thing like duplications, validation, spam protection and a lot more. So I went out in search of solutions which will help me do this and I was intrigued by all…